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February 19, 2009



Which, I believe, would leave us with what residuals were approximating in the first place: Actual joint ownership of the product and sharing of the profits. A method based on that concept could and should be completely independent of distribution channel.

Now we just need a method to sidestep greed and creative accounting and we'll have a brilliant deal.


David August

David, you've ignored both CPM ads (which pay per 1000 impressions, not clicks) and that prices for "premium" video ad impressions are much much higher than non-premium (selling video ad impressions for $15-$20 per 1000 views is not uncommon). Ads on studio sites are typically premium.

I agree with Scott, residuals must be computed independant of distribution channel for both actors and producers. What is most equitable is a percentage of each gross dollar made, no matter the source. This gives producers the flexibility to develops new revenue sources and provided accounting is legitimate makes the actors and producers succeed together.

David H. Lawrence, XVII

Counselor, I'm not forgetting those at all. CPM ads are far less prevalent on the web, especially for video, because web advertisers aren't satisfied with the lack of tracking of CPM ad results. The vast preponderance of ads are CPC. Until that changes, the meaningless residuals we'd reap from a percentage of gross would more anger those demanding the residuals be similar to linear TV than make them happy. They're already bitching about the fact that a gross percentage calculation leaves them with $22 on an episode on the web, that for an episode on TV would be scale.

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