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December 08, 2008


Ken May

Nice David. Make me start contemplating... just great. :)

I try to throw in "why am I doing this", to see if my motives for doing (anything) are selfish or altruistic. I figure (roughly) 99% of the things we do, are for our own benefit and if anyone else gets any benefit from it, it is purely coincidental.


Doctor Who gets asked this a lot, too. :)

David H. Lawrence, XVII

Liz - that is hysterical - can't wait to add that to my talks. Must have taken forever to assemble all those clips!


And I'm sure if I'm ever lucky enough to meet you, you'll hear it from me too. x

Ashlley Elias

I agree you should take a look at goals and motivations every so often. I find myself questioning what I'm doing whenever I start to get angry or sad... am I doing something just because others do it or am I on a path toward goals?

Especially with acting it's easy to get swept up in shooting for like any job that pays... or quantity of quality. Not to say one or the other is better, you make those decisions and your actions should coincide. That's all.

Willow Polson

Great post, David.

I'm "here" because I can't stop myself! I have such an utter passion for writing that it gets me out of bed in the morning, puts on my clothing for me and lays my hands on the keyboard, ready to fly.

Whether it's playing in an online RPG as Future Peter, or crafting a pivotal scene in a book or script, those are the moments that feed my soul.

As Ray Bradbury said: "Not to write, for many of us, is to die."

That is why I'm here.

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