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    KC takes a promotional tour of the world-famous Santa Monica Promenade! Kitty Claws and the Magic of Dreaming, now through December 21st at the Miles Memorial Playhouse in Santa Monica.

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December 03, 2008



Sounds exciting!

Unfortunately, I can promise that I won't be bringing brownies to remote parts of California. I promise there's nothing I'd enjoy more, but there's that pesky Atlantic thingy in the way.

Have fun, and keep us posted!

Anna x


I've always loved doing things at, I like to SLEEP! I'm new to your blog and yours has been, by far, the creepiest effing character on that show.

shaun mcilroy

Keep going dude!!! You can do a night shoot and if your callback to heroes is anything to go by they must be high on you.

Skys the limit now!!!

Shaun :)

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