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August 25, 2004


Jamielee Rafferty (female)

Can u be my agent

Jessica McGill

Hi, my name is Jessica McGill. I am English and I love Acting! I think it is really good and a good way to express yourself. In acting you let yourself be who you are because it doesn't matter what you do because it is bringing out the real you. Know-one will think your being silly because acting is a free thing where you do what you feel and what you are like. I am 11 years old and i go to The Royal High School, Bath. I have sent in a letter to Audition for the 5th Harry Potter which i really would like to be in! it is so cool! i was born in March 20th 1993. I have been to drama festivals and i have won some medals at The Cheltenham Festival, not far from where i live. Please please please reply. :)
From Jessica McGill.

David Lawrence

You should be very excited that you already have a good idea about what you want to do in life. Acting can be a very rewarding profession, and the United Kingdom has a rich history of being the birthplace of some of the greatest actors the world has ever known.

Always remember that your acting will become move vibrant and more engaged with every life experience you gain - so that means making sure you do well in all of your classes at school and university, that you try to have as many varied activities *outside* the creative arts as you can.

Your desire to be an actor will guarantee that you will study dancing, singing, scene study and the business of acting. But do make sure that all of the other things in life: sports, politics, the sciences, math, and most of all, reading, makes you an interesting person - that's what will get you roles. Knowing things in life gives you an advantage over other actors, and it makes you a resourceful person for those inevitable times when you don't have a paying role.

I wish you luck, and I hope you remember me when you're a big star! :)



Hey I was in Sound of Football too. Was doing some other search and somehow across the vast landscape of the internet your page is one of the first results (was looking up defenition of "theatrical agents") I played Luke (#34, the guy who catches the ball at the end).

Jessica McGill

Its Jess McGill again... but hey guess what! its been a couple of years and im now 14!
I now go to Stagecoach Theatre school on saturdays and have an agent up in london.
--> London Extra Agency.
I came across my old post on google and soon it came back to me... i havn't had any major work yet and wow it shows how tough the industry is.
you get turned down for a lot more auditions then you get ... oh well, im still hoping and trying to get work... but just thought id let you know i still remember you...


Jess~ :D

Jessica McGill

hey david,
i was wondering i havnt asked you about your career!
how is it going?
and what have you been on?



very nice post!!!


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